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Bryan Binninger - Buyer
Years in the Industry: 4
Favorite Sports Team: LA Kings
Favorite Quote: "And in the end, the
love you take is equal to the love you
make."  - The Beatles 

Gordon Bartlett - Buyer
Years in the Industry: 38
Hobby: I love to collect music and play
it loud!
Perfect Day:  Being at the beach when
it’s hot with a light breeze, clear blue
skies, and the waves are four to six feet.
Jeff Schmitz - Buyer
Years in the Industry: 33
Favorite Sports Team: Angels
Bucket List: Shoot Par or better for
18 holes of golf
Jennifer Carrington - Purchasing

Years in the Industry: 22
Favorite Book: To Kill a Mockingbird
Best Advice: Kindness is contageous

Natalie Merino - Buyer
Years in the Industry: 
Favorite Quote: "Did you just
double-dip that chip?"
Best Advice: Believe what you see,
not what you hear.

Shari Burke - Data & Pricing Analyst
Years in the Industry: 15
Hobbies: I love being with family,
snow skiing, hiking, exercising,
new adventures and reading
Favorite Book: My favorite book
growing up was The Secret Garden.

Steven Woo - Data & Pricing Analyst
Years in the Industry: 1
Hobbies: Board Games, bowling and
watching movies
Favorite Quote: “I’m bad and that’s good.
I will never be good and that’s not bad.
There’s no one I’d rather be than me.”
- Wreck-it-Ralph

Maria Ozorio - Data & Pricing Analyst

Years in the Industry: 1
Hobby: Thrift shopping 
Bucket List: Run a full marathon