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Aisling Grace - Data & Marketing Analyst
Years in the Industry: 4
Favorite Sports Team: LA Kings
Perfect Day: Being at the beach
Barrie Williams - Adhesive Specialist
Years in the Industry:
Hobby: Running
Favorite Sports Team: Swansea City AFC
Craig Dieu - Account Manager
Years in the Industry: 37
Hobby: Golf
Perfect Day: Anything, anywhere,
spending time with family and friends
Don Guchereau - Account Manager
Orange County & Santa Fe Springs
Years in the Industry: 48
Hobby: Watching Nascar
Best Advice: Don't sweat the small stuff!

Glenn Zucca - Regional Manager for
San Leandro Branch

Sales Territory: South Bay, West
Penninsula & Central CA
Years in the Industry: 11
Favorite Movie: Gladiator
Perfect Day: Spending the day skiing in
knee-deep powder
JD Graham - Territory Manager
Orange County & Southeast LA
Years in the Industry: 13
Hobby: Fishing from pond to ocean
Perfect Day: No traffic on the 5 & 57

Jeff Overby - Regional Manager for
Phoenix Branch
Sales Territory:
Years in the Industry: 28
Hobby: Bicycle Racing
Favorite Quote: "If it was easy, everybody
would do it."
 Jim Meenzhuber - Account Manager
Orange & San Diego Counties
Years in the Industry: 34
Hobby: Playing guitar
Favorite Sports Team: Lakers

Joe Hill - 3M Certified Specialist
Years in the Industry: 44
Hobby: Photography - my favorite
subjects used to be of traveling, but
now my grandkids
Bucket List: Drive a very fast car,
very fast, on a closed track e.g.
Porsche Carrera!
John Topf - Territory Manager
San Bernadino & Riverside Counties
& Las Vegas
Years in the Industry: 34
Hobby: Surfing
Best Advice: Plan your day, work
your plan
Linda Navarro-Snell - Account Manager
South Bay of Los Angeles County
Years in the Industry: 40
Hobby: Going to the gym
Bucket List: Travel more
Leigha Waits - Data & Marketing Analyst
Years in the Industry: 10
Hobbies: Yoga & hiking
Favorite Book: The Outlander series
by Diana Gabaldon

Louis Linsmeyer - Territory Manager
San Fernando Valley
Years in the Industry: 12
Perfect Day: watching the sun rise on
top of a snow capped peak, riding my
snowboard down to the base and hiking
out to the beach to watch the sun set.
Fun Fact: 2003 AAU Olympic Taekwondo
National Champion, bantam weight

Mike Holcomb - Territory Manager
Northern Nevada & Northern California
Years in the Industry: 53
Hobby: Woodworking
Favorite Sports Team: Nevada Wolfpack

Mike Kravitz - Regional Manager for
Rancho Dominguez Branch
Sales Territory: 
South Central Los Angeles
Years in the Industry: 44
Hobby: Woodworking
Best Advice: Find a job you love; you will
never work a day in your life

Mike Kraber - Engineered Equipment
Sales Manager
Years in the Industry: 
Favorite Quote: "I'd rather light a candle
than curse your darkness"
Fun Fact: I have two amazing daughters,
Meadow and Emma

Michael Loberg - Territory Manager
East & North Bay & Northern California
Years in the Industry: 35
Favorite Quote: "Good is not good
when better is expected."
Favorite Movie: Fargo

Zach Falk - Territory Manager
Phoenix, AZ
Years in the Industry: 1
Best Advice: Measure twice, cut once
Hobby: Boating

Gary Zech - Superabrasive Consultant
Years in the Industry: 35
Favorite Sports Team: Detroit Lions,
Tigers, Pistons & Red Wings
Bucket List: Visit Washington DC

Linda Green - Superabrasive Specialist
Years in the Industry: 38
Favorite Sports Team: Dodgers
Favorite Quote: Seen on a church
marquee- "Honk if you love Jesus; text
while driving if you want to meet him!"

Greg Stone - Territory Manager
Years in the Industry: 35
Hobbies: Restoring my old truck and
attending classic car shows
Perfect Day: Trout fishing in the high

Sam Cardenas - Regional Manager for
National City Branch

Sales Territory: San Diego County &
Baja California
Years in the Industry: 31
Hobby: Coaching & playing lacrosse
Favorite Quote: "Just get the order,
Sam. We'll figure out the rest." - Dick

Dan Shaffar - Territory Manager
East Bay & Central Valley
Years in the Industry: 34 
Hobbies: Exercise, hiking & golfing
Favorite Sports Team: Golden State
Warriors & San Francisco Giants

Alex Guzman - Territory Manager
South Central LA & Long Beach
Years in the Industry: 7
Favorite Sports Team: Dodgers
Favorite Quote: Prepared man counts
for two

Brian Bates - Territory Manager
Years in the Industry: 31
Bucket List: Go on a cruise around the
Perfect Day: A day on the waters edge
spending time with family

Jim Fitzgerald - Territory Manager
Years in the Industry:
Hobbies: Diecast car collector and 
music composer
Bucket List: Go to Germany, visit the
VW museum