S.L. Fusco acquired Colonial West Abrasives in October, 2020.  For over 30 years, Colonial West was a distributor of high performance grinding wheels and segments.  The high quality bonded abrasive grinding wheels and exceptional service and technical assistance they provided over the years is consistent with what our customers have come to expect here at S.L. Fusco.  Established in 1981 as a sales and marketing company, they represented a select group of bonded abrasive products for Colonial Abrasive Products (Aberdeen North Carolina).  They continued to provide custom, specialty wheels and were known for their fast turn-around and quality product.

Our Products

Tool Room Grinding Wheels

High-performance toolroom grinding wheels for surface, cylindrical and tool/cutter grinding applications, as well as tool and drill sharpening.

  • Blue: Ceramic grain – Available in 20% through 50% mixtures with premium A/O grains.
  • Green: Premium silicon carbide grain
  • Grey: Premium A/O semi-friable grain
  • Off-White: Versatile high performance monocrystal aluminum oxide abrasive grain
  • Orange: Premium A/O grain with clay induced bond
  • Pink: Premium A/O light bright pink grain
  • Ruby: 25A Ruby grain
  • White: Premium friable grain

Custom Wheels

We have long-lasting, custom grinding wheels and abrasives for any application. We can build a custom wheel, engineered to exact specifications, or choose from our wide selection of in-stock wheels.

  • Centerless Grinding Wheels
  • Cutlery Knife Sharpening
  • Double Disc Wheels
  • Horizontal Surface Grinding
  • Disc Nut Inserted Wheels
  • Hardside Wheels
  • Roll Grinding Wheels
  • Cam/Crankshaft Grinding Wheels

Stone Grinding Wheels

Resinoid bonded grinding wheels for the stone industry. We incorporate the best silicon carbide grain to a proprietary resin bond system which allows for fast cutting with a long wheel life.
High-quality stone grinding wheels to meet all of your rough and precision application needs.

  • Type 6 Cup
  • Type 11 Cup
  • Type 18 Cup
  • Rubbing Sticks

Rice Polishing

We offers a wide range of rice polishing wheels designed specifically to reduce rice breakage while whitening rice.

  • Buhler
  • Chinese Rice Machines
  • Flour Milling
  • Satake
  • Schule

Grinding Segments

grinding segments that come in all shapes, sizes and specifications for any material removal or surface finish requirement. Segments are generally used on rotary table surface grinding machines. We provide special segment shapes for foreign and domestic grinders as well

  • Abrasive Associates - AA1
  • Blanchard
  • Cortland
  • Norton
  • STG #8 - 30

Contact Us

For additional information, please contact Laura Young.  Laura joined the S.L. Fusco team with the Colonial West acquisition and brings with her years of experience.  


Direct: (310) 868-5788