In 2005, S.L. Fusco merged with established Mexican distributor 
Argo del Valle to create ArgoFusco. There are currently two 
ArgoFusco branches located in Mexicali and Tijuana. 

Mexicali Branch:                                                                 Guaymas Branch:
Presidente Emilio Portes Gil# 1328-2                               Parque Hercar Bodega 1.7
Colonia Rivera, Mexicali, B.C. C.P. 21259 Mexico            Carretera Internacional Km 129.5
(686) 544-5830 - (686) 554-6815 Fax                                 Salida Norte Frente a Maquilas Roca Fuerte
                                                                                                Guaymas, Sonora C.P. 85465
Tijuana Branch:                                                                   (622) 149-2374
Blvd. Alejandro Von Humboldt #17610-G
Fracc. Garita de Otay, Tijuana, B.C. 22430 Mexico
(664) 647-5650

Sofia Gallego - President of                                           Ramses Rios - Technical Sales
ArgoFusco                                                                          Engineer

Mexicali Branch                                                                  Tijuana Branch
                                                                                              Years in the Industry: 17
                                                                                              Hobby: See new places and read
                                                                                              Favorite Movie: The Emperor

Rebeca Gonzalez - Customer Service                           Emmanuel de la Cruz - Sales 
Tijuana Branch                                                                   Representative 
Years in the Industry: 10                                                 Guaymas Branch
Favorite Quote: "Happiness is when                             Years in the Industry: 7
what you think, what you say and                                  Hobby: Listening to music
what you do are all in harmony."                                    Favorite Sports Team: New York Yankees
- Mahatma Ghandi
Perfect Day: Every day is a perfect
day; a new beginning and a new
chance to make things right while
persuing happiness!

Xavier Acevedo - Branch Manager            
Guaymas Branch
Years in the Industry: 3
Hobbies: Watch movies, play video games
and lift weights
Favorite Quote: "Getting there together is
the beginning, staying together is progress,
working together is success!"