Customer Cost Savings in 12 Months: $2,037,000

As a company, we are always looking for new ways to improve our customers' current processes and reduce overall spend, while ensuring that the best tools and practices in the industry are being utilized. 
S.L. Fusco encourages our customers to take advantage of these opportunities.  We provide detailed cost savings reports to document your annual savings with each process improvement.

Time Studies:
S.L. Fusco's talented sales force and management teams collaborate with our supplier partners to offer the newest and technologically advanced products for your production needs.  Detailed time studies will be provided to document the value of each product that is tested.  We will work with our customer until a solution is reached that will result in the most efficient process and cost savings.

Value Added Services:
Our integrated supply program, Focus on Solutions, brings S.L. Fusco and our customer into a partnership directed at efficiency and cost savings.  Our goal is to provide a customized solution that will offer the most cost saving opportunities.  We can offer inventory management solutions that can be as simple or as robust as necessary.  Our Strategic Accounts department will conduct a plant survey to help determine what inventory management solution will best fit your needs and will then take care of any setup and installation.  S.L. Fusco has been able to save an average of 13% and up to 35% of our customers' total annual spend through a number of operational efficiencies.

Time Savings: Whether your inventory is being managed manually in a tool crib or remotely via our vending systems' software platforms, our sales representatives or Strategic Account Coordinators will spend as much time as necessary at your facility to ensure proper inventory levels are in stock and that your supply program is being properly managed.  We establish min/max and critical points to guarantee that you wil not run out of your essential products.  We also offer repackaging services to allow for more efficient vending.  This will greatly reduce operational time.

Purchase Order Reductions: By using S.L. Fusco as your complete integrated supplier, we can greatly reduce your list of vendors, resulting in a simplified procurement process.  Along with consolidated invoicing options, the number of purchase orders written and invoices processed will be significantly reduced, decreasing your operational costs.

Inventory Reduction:  Our advanced inventory management solutions increase your visibility and give you a greater understanding of how your inventory is being used.  We establish min/max settings to guarantee zero stock outs and reduce the risk of delaying production.  Our automated customized usage reports that we provide can be broken down by user, job, shift, machine, etc., making it much easier to determine where and when the inventory is being used most.

Freight Reduction:  By participating in our Focus on Solutions program, all inventory within the program will be delivered freight free via our company-owned trucks.  Our local distribution centers and dedicated drivers allow deliveries to be made whenever necessary.  Often, we can make deliveries directly to the point of use within the plant, eliminating any additional time that your employees may have spent moving the product. 
Please contact your local sales representative for more information.